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Administrative Law and State Liability

22 - 26 March 2012 -  Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU)


Overview of the Course



A) Course Objective

B) Pan-European Administrative Law and European Administrative Law

C) Problems of Teaching Administrative Law in English

§ 1 Fundamental Terms and Definitions

A) What does administration mean?

B) The necessity to differentiate between acts of general application and acts of individual application – differentation between “law” and its application in concrete cases

C) Forms of Administrative Action concerning Individual Cases

D) Different Approaches to Administrative Law

§ 2 The Council of Europe and the Emergence of Pan-European-Principles of Administrative Law

A) Aims and Instruments of the Council of Europe

B) European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and their Impact of Administrative Law

B) Other Conventions in Terms of Art. 15 § a of the Statute of the Council of Europe

C) Recommendations of the Council of Europe Concerning Administrative Law

§ 3 Sources of Administrative Law

A) Relation between Public Law and Private Law

B) Statutory Law Sources: Constitution, Acts of Parliament, Delegated Legislation/Regulations, By-Laws

C) Hierarchy and Collision of Norms

D) Unwritten Administrative Law - Case Law

E) Excursus: Administrative Guidelines

§ 4 Legality of Administration

A) Priority of Law: Prohibition to Act Against Law

B) Legal Reservation: Prohibition to Act without Legal (Statutory) Basis

C) Consequences of Illegality

§ 5 Administrative Bodies and Distribution of Competences

A) General Aspects

B) Decentralization, Deconcentration, Devolution

C) Competences ratio loci, ratio materiae and ratio instantiae

D) Legitimacy of Outsourcing and Privatization

§ 6 If-then-clauses, Indefinite Legal Terms, Margin of Appreciation, Discretion

A) "Intensity" of the Binding of Administration by Law

B) If-Then-Clauses and Aim-oriented Clauses

C) Indefinite Legal Terms, Margin of Appreciation and Judicial Control (German Approach)

D) Discretion (German Approach)

E) Concept of Discretion of the Council of Europe

F) Excursus: The Principle of Proportionality

§ 7 Legal Certainty and Protection of Legitimate Expectations

A) Legal Certainty in Favour of the Administration? Time-Limit for Appeal

B) Protection of Legitimate Expectations of the Citizen

C) Legal Certainty and Nullity/Inexistence of Administrative Acts and Contracts

§ 8 Administrative Procedure and Individual Rights

A) Right to Fair and Clear Treatment

B) Right to Objectiveness and Neutrality

C) Right to be Heard

D) Right to Advice and Information

E) Obligation of the Administration to give reasons

F) Principle of Investigation

G) Consequences of Defects in Procedure

§ 9 State Liability

A) Reasons for and Foundation of State Liability

B) Responsibility for Unlawful Administrative Measures

C) Responsibility for Accidents

D) Responsibility for Lawful Administrative Measures

E) Responsibility for Legislation

F) Extent and Limits of State Liability

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