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Summer Studies 2015 
“On the Rhine” (OTR)
(18 May to 18 June 2015)

About the program

Speyer University, SPEA (School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Indiana, USA) and USC (University of Southern California, California, USA) offer a joint summer program on comparative public policy and administration in Germany, the European Union, and the United States.

Five seminars will provide an overview of major topics of public management, European economic integration, multilevel policy-making in the EU, its neighbourhood policy, and US and EU constitutional law.

The program will present German, US and international students with a unique opportunity to study problems of public policy and administration in an interdisciplinary and international environment and to share their experiences coming from different cultures.

Further highlights of the program will be excursions to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, the picturesque city of Heidelberg, the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France) and other EU institutions in Brussels (Belgium).

Graduate students and select undergraduates will participate in the program as part of their regular program in public administration. SPEA students are able to receive up to 6 credit points. USC Students (graduates and undergraduates) who complete the course earn 6 units.

Speyer University students are welcome to participate in one or more seminars of the program as part of their regular curriculum. Students have to meet the normal seminar requirements of Speyer University: Submission of a paper and an oral presentation of it, both in English.

For more information on courses, requirements and organizational matters, please visit our program website:

“On the Rhine” impressions

will be given by these VIDEOS.

For detailed information please refer to the documents below:


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