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Colloquium C 202 (Bohne/Lehrke)

Current Issues of Public Administration in the US, Europe and Germany

Wednesday, 14.30-15.15, Hörsaal 2

Hierzu beachten Sie bitte folgendes:

  1. Registrieren Sie sich beim Virtuellen Campus Rheinland-Pfalz, VCRP, laut Anleitung 1., Seite 2 – 6

  2. Anmeldung laut Anleitung 2., Seite 6 – 7

  3. Eintragen im Kurs laut Anleitung 4., Seite 10

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Public administration as a discipline has been traditionally confined to the civil administration of government. The military and other security actors have not been considered as part of public administration. However, military authorities are increasingly performing civilian tasks such as state building after military conflicts abroad or supplementing civil authorities during emergencies at home.

Furthermore, in certain aspects of the war on terror roles of the civil administation and the military have become blurred and overlapping. Therefore, public administration research is more and more focusing also on the civil activities of the military and the security activities of the civil administation.

In its first part the colloquium is concerned with the administrative and political role of the military and with the relationship between public administration and national security.

Topics are

- The role of the soldier in society,

- Public administration and the war on terror,

- "State building" and the role of the military,

- Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP), and NATO,

- UN Security Council and International Governance.

The second part of the Colloquium focuses on controversial issues of traditional public administration. The role of citizens toward public authorities, the application of market principles to public administration, and coordination and control mechanisms of public administration on the EU and national level are going to be discussed. Topics are

- The citizens right to know,

- Privatization of administrative tasks,

- An appraisal on new public management reforms,

- The community method and the open method of coordination in the EU,

- The structure and accountability of regulatory agencies.

Teaching concept and objectives

Each participant will be asked to give an oral presentation (5-10 min) of an article or a book chapter relating to the general topic of a session. This will be the starting point for the discussions.

The objective of the colloquium is to introduce the participants to new and controversial areas of public administration, and to provide them with the opportunity of discussions in the English tongue.

If you have any questions about the colloquium please contact:

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Bohne, M. A. (Tel.: 06232-654 321, e-mail: bohne@dhv-speyer.de) and Dr. Jesse Paul Lehrke (Tel.: 06232-654140, e-mail: lehrke@foev-speyer.de)





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